Circle #1 - First Monday of each month - meet in the Conference Room at 1:00 pm

Circle #2 - First Tuesday of each month - meet in the Conference Room at 1:00 pm

Circle #3 - First Tuesday of each month - meet in the Fellowship Hall at 6:30 pm

The initials, WIC, suggest the symbol of an old-fashioned kerosene lamp with a wick. This symbol emphasizes the importance of spiritual life and growth to the women and encourages them to obey Christ’s command to shine as lights in a dark world. It is explained this way: In order for the kerosene lamp to give light, it must be filled with oil. The wick must rest continually in the oil and must be controlled by the knob on the side of the lamp and the wick must be trimmed regularly in order to burn effectively. The lamp chimney must be kept clean and clear. Similarly, the believer’s life must be filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit. As the wick rests in the oil and is fully saturated with it, so must the WIC rest in Christ and draw life and spiritual strength from His Holy Spirit. Any spiritual light radiating from the Christian is a result of the indwelling presence of Christ. The knob on the side of the lamp represents the Word of God, by which the lives of believers must be daily regulated and trimmed in obedience to His revealed will. Impurities of the wick represent sins of the spirit, such as attitudes that hinder the work of the Holy Spirit or neglect of prayer and Bible study. A dirty chimney is like obvious sins in the life that prevent others from seeing the light of Christ there.


Gifts of Grace

Our Mission

· To make useful things for people in need
· To show God’s love in a practical way
· To share the Gospel
· To learn, to share, to have fun!

Bring a bag lunch. Come for the day or come for an hour.

All Are Welcome—Please join us!
Do you knit, sew, quilt, crochet, iron, use scissors, embroider, stencil, paint, draw, write, paste, glue, talk?….(you get the picture!)

If you know of anyone who is needy (physically, spiritually, emotionally) and who would be blessed by one of our handmade items, please feel free to select something from the Gifts of Grace table in the Fellowship Hall. If anyone is interested in coordinating efforts to distribute the items we make to people in need, please contact the church office.

We thank you for your ideas, your presence, your efforts and your donations!